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Avengers Balloons

Shop Avengers Balloons in Singapore

Ah, the Avengers - the superhero franchise that captivated the hearts of kids, teens and even adults! If you are thinking about going with a theme for your child's birthday party, why not use an Avengers theme? With decorations, themed balloons, and a little imagination, you can transform a venue into a superhero bash that will impress your child and guests. But to organize an Avengers birthday bash, you will need supplies. This is where Kidz Party Store comes in. Boasting a massive collection of decorations and supplies from balloons, boxes, goodie bags and more, Kidz Party Store is your go-to platform in Singapore. Shop now and enjoy quality yet ornamental party supplies now!

How to Host an AWESOME Avengers Birthday Bash

The Marvel universe has introduced numerous superheroes like Captain America and Iron Man as well as superb storylines. It is a perfect birthday party theme for all ages. But how do you go about planning one? 

Luckily for you, we have some handy tips.

1. Send superhero newspaper invitations: instead of going with standard invites, why not add a touch of Marvel into the design?

2. Persuade your guests to dress up: get your guests to dress themselves and their kids up in superhero costumes from the Marvel universe. Feel free to get creative!

3. Opt for superhero decorations: this would REALLY get your child and guests excited. Choose Avengers balloons, birthday banners and ribbons.

4. Play the Avengers soundtrack: we can't forget about the breathtaking Avengers score. Play it at your venue for a real Avengers bash!

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  1. Jumbo Number Avengers Balloon Bouquet
  2. Avengers Powers Unite Balloon Bouquet
  3. 17" Avengers Happy Birthday Balloon
  4. Avengers Latex Balloons featuring the superheroes, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk. Inflate with helium and have them floating around!
  5. 48" Marvel Avengers Captain America Airloonz Balloon
  6. Avengers Unite Helium Balloon
  7. 17" Captain America Emoji Balloon
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  8. Avengers Balloon for the great Marvel Superheroes Birthday theme.
  9. Avengers bubble balloon
  10. Avengers End Game Balloon Bouquet
  11. 17" Avengers End Game Balloon
  12. 18" Avengers Civil War Balloon
  13. Avengers Balloon
  14. Avengers Unite Helium Balloon
  15. Captain Marvel Avengers Balloon Bouquet