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  • Singapore Door Delivery from $17.90. Local Courier Fees start from $4.50

Customised Balloons

Personalize your event with our customised balloons in Singapore. Add names, logos, or special messages to create a unique touch. Shop now and make your celebration one-of-a-kind!

Prepare a special surprise for a family, friend, someone you love with a specially customised balloon with a heartwarming message on the balloon. You can even have it in the style you like. With a wide variety of colours and balloon types from jumbo latex balloons, to bubble balloons and value-for-money yet impressive orbz balloons, you can get a marvellous customised gift delivered!

Personalized Balloons can be for birthday gift, get well soon encouragement, graduation surprise or a congratulatory gift or as display at the dessert table or for party decoration. 

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  1. Star balloon with personalised message printed on it and matched up with lovely and colour helium balloons.
  2. Cute and adorable bubble tea design clear helium balloon with a customised message for the birthday girl.