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Tableware & Serving

Colored Plates and Cups - useful partyware for your birthday cake serving or dessert treats! 

Set the table in style with our collection of party tableware in Singapore. From elegant plates and glasses to themed napkins and cutlery, we have everything you need. Shop now!

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  1. Pink disposable party plates with shimmering gold dots hot stamped on it!
  2. Rose Gold Dots Paper Napkins (10pc)
  3. Rose Gold Foil paper cups
  4. Lime Green Coloured plates for your special jungle themed party!
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  5. Tiffany Blue party plates for your classy dessert table set up. Serve your desserts in style!
  6. 7" Blue Gold Foil Plates - Birthday Party Disposables, Paper Plates
  7. Rose Gold Foil Party Plates
  8. Pink Stripes Gold Foil Paper Napkins (10pc)
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  9. 7" Gold Chevron Broad Stripes Plates (10pc)
  10. Sweet Baby Pink cups for the pink style dessert table and party decor.
  11. Sweet Pink colored dessert size plates are perfect for snacks and cake or dessert.
  12. Hot Pink Coloured plates for your special bachelarotte themed party!
  13. Gold Happy Birthday Paper Cups (10pc)
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  14. Pink and hot stamped gold scallop pattern on the party paper cups.
  15. Happy Birthday Mint Green Paper Cups (10pc)
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  16. Red Polka Dot Paper Napkins (20pc)
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  17. It all starts with color! Our Classic Red colored 9oz hot/cold cups make party set up and clean up a snap. Great kit for serving cake. Make cake cutting ready.
  18. Red party plates for cake dessert serving.
  19. Elegant Tiffany Blue coloured drinking cups for the birthday party celebration.
  20. Light Blue paper cups for a great party celebration.
  21. Our Let's Party Black dessert size cups are perfect for serving drinks, champagne, wine or cocktail.
  22. Light Blue Gold Stripes Cups - Party Disposables, Paper Plates Singapore
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