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LOL Party

Check out the LOL Surprise birthday party supplies in pink based and bright colours. Decorate your LOL themed birthday, and add on the balloons for more wonderful effects.

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  1. Decorate the LOL Surprise birthday party with his beautiful birthday banner.  Sweet and nice!
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  2. LOL Surprise Party Plates
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  3. Celebrate in style with the LOL Surprise Dolls with banner and balloons in lively and vibrant colours. Just the way LOL Surprise fans do!
  4. LOL Surprise Table Cover (Design 2)
  5. LOL Surprise Party Plates
  6. Filled with the LOL characters, decorate the LOL Surprise birthday party with his beautiful set of hanging swirl cutouts. Everyone will rush for your cake cutting photoshoot. Make it one you never forget!
  7. Kids love these. LOL surprise party napkins in bright colours and against a soft pastel pink background. Best Party ever!
  8. Singapore No 1 Party Store with these LOL Surprise Party Supplies. Kids love them!
  9. LOL Surprise Plastic Spoons 10pc
  10. LOL Surprise themed table cover for the cake table decoration.
  11. The kids love the blowout, making funny sounds and faces as they blow the blowouts in LOL Surprise theme.
  12. We had such a wonderful party with all the nice and pinkish LOL Surprise Doll theme party supplies.
  13. Colourful LOL Surprise Birthday Banner now at Singapore No 1 Wholesale Party Shop. Order now!
  14. LOL Surprise party tattoo.
  15. LOL Surprise Pinata only at Singapore No 1 Party Shop with the widest range of party supplies, decorations and pinatas.
  16. LOL Surprise Party Cups (NEW)
  17. LOL Surprise Candy Box
  18. LOL Surprise party flag banners to liven up the party atmosphere.
  19. The kids at the childcare love the goody bags. LOL Surprise theme party is now the most popular theme among the girls.
  20. LOL Surprise themed Cone Hats- Get these party hats to doll up the little magical princesses at your lovely LOL Surprise birthday party.
  21. LOL Surprise party decoration kit includes cake decor, balloons and banner.
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  22. LOL Surprise Acrylic Cake Topper.
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  23. LOL Surprise Happy Birthday Backdrop for party decoration.
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  24. LOL surprise birthday party backdrop.