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Colored Latex Balloons

Planning to get balloons for your party or getting a gift for that someone special? From latex helium balloons, foil balloons to number balloons, personalised balloons, and cartoon kids balloons, our selection is second to none. No matter the occasion, our Party Store in Singapore has something for you. It’s part of what makes us the leading balloon supplier in Singapore. Whether for birthday party, graduation balloons, a wedding or a baby shower, balloons from Kidz Party Store are the perfect way to celebrate. We have the widest collection of officially licensed and branded balloons from Disney, Marvel, graduation, bachelorette, get well soon and much more. Most of our balloons can be filled with air or helium, and we even offer self-sealing air-filled balloons. When you buy balloons from Kidz Party Store Singapore, you can also opt for delivery or self collection at our retail shop. It’s never been easier to buy balloons online! 

Some things to take note of when inflating or buying latex balloons. Firstly, helium latex balloons deflate over time. For a 12in latex balloon inflated with pure helium, it can usually lasts about 24 hours. Hence the smaller the balloon size, the shorter the floating time. So don’t get or inflate your balloons too early! Secondly, helium gas do expand under hot temperature so remember not to walk under the hot sun or leave it in the car without the aircon on. If you do so, your balloons may burst under high temperature. Lastly, if you find that your balloons are bursting easily, you can check if the balloons are over-inflated or maybe it is of a low quality! Latex balloons should present a tear-drop shape when it is inflated to a correct size. Over inflation will present it in an inverted pear shaped.  Of course if your balloon is not of bad quality or very thin material, it will burst easily. Alway make sure that you get helium quality balloons.

Get your balloons from the balloons expert at Kidz Party Store!  We are your one-stop balloon decoration solution with a huge catalogue of balloons collection. Our high quality latex balloons are helium quality and we use pure helium to ensure longer floating hours of your balloons. Alternatively, option for balloon delivery is available. We have professional fleet of drivers that will ensure your balloon delivery is smooth and perfect!

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  1. 12" White Colored Latex Balloon
  2. 12" Dark Blue Colored Latex Balloon
  3. 12" Red Colored Latex Balloon
  4. 12" Chrome Gold Latex Balloon
  5. 12" Azure Colored Latex Balloon
  6. 12" Yellow Colored Latex Balloon
  7. 12" Rose Pink Colored Latex Balloon
  8. Rose Gold latex balloon inflated with helium or air.
  9. 12" Lilac Colored Latex Balloon
  10. 12" Black Colored Latex Balloon
  11. 12" Silver Colored Latex Balloon
  12. 12" Light Pink Colored Latex Balloon
  13. 12" Orange Colored Latex Balloon
  14. 12" Dark Green Colored Latex Balloon
  15. Chrome Silver balloon.
  16. 12" Lime Green Colored Latex Balloon
  17. 12" Purple Colored Latex Balloon
  18. Tiffany Blue helium latex balloon.
  19. 12" Gold Colored Latex Balloon
  20. 12" Ivory Colored Latex Balloon
  21. 12" Champagne Gold Latex Balloon
  22. 12" Light Blue Colored Latex Balloon
  23. 12" Midnight Blue Colored Latex Balloon