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Disney Cars Party

Take a ride down Route 66 with our Disney's Cars party supplies! Partygoers will love spending the day with Lightning McQueen, Mather, McMissile and Francesco. Let the kids enjoy themselves in this interesting fun theme. Get these interesting party supplies to light up your lovely birthday party with Kidz Party Store.

Also don't forget to visit our Cake Decoration Section for the latest Disney Cars cake decoration kits and cupcake toppers, and the coolest Disney Cars Party Balloons!

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  1. Cars Sticker Book
  2. We had these cone hats for the little kids with Disney Cars theme on them. Look at the grins and excitement on their faces. Indeed a "Happy" birthday for Patrick.
  3. Checkered Black and White Plastic Table Cover for a racing themed birthday party decoration.
  4. Black and White Checkered Flag banner for Racing Car themed birthday party decoration.
  5. Race away with Disney Cars characters for the marvellous birthday party. Disney Cars theme is what Sam has always wanted for his 10th birthday party.
  6. Disney Cars featuring Lightning McQueen A perfect favor gift pack to mark the fun and interesting Birthday Party.
  7. The boys enjoyed the party so much, you could see them drinking so much from their lovely Cars themed paper cups. After all they are true blue fans of Lighting  McQueen.
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  8. Disney Cars World Party Cups featuring Lightning McQueen!
  9. Cool Cars World party plates featuring Lightning McQueen
  10. I liked how the colourful pictures of the Disney Cars characters display themselves in front of the cake table. The cake cutting photos are so beautiful.
  11. Fun and cool Disney Cars Jointed Banner with "Happy Birthday" and featuring the main characters of Disney Cars.
  12. Cars Happy Birthday Backdrop decoration featuring Lightning McQueen and friends.
  13. Cars themed Party Napkins for the Lightning McQueen inspired birthday party.
  14. Donny was so happy to see his cake decorated with the Disney Cars candle decoration set.
  15. This game is so fun to play. Blindfolded member tries to stick the sign on the poster with the instruction of a group member. See how gets more!
  16. The kids are excited to pick up one of the blowouts for some exhilarating fun. lowing out the crepe pipes with their favourite Cars Lightning McQueen printed on the medallion.
  17. After we put up the flag manners, instantaneously we have the whole place brighten up into the racing cars mood. Calvin could not be happier for how his Disney Cars party was decorated.
  18. Cars Plastic Forks are so interesting. Never thought kids party can be so fun!
  19. Lightning McQueen Cars themed treat bags for the party goodies.
  20. Cars World Hppy Birthday Banner
  21. Disney Cars Pinata (Round) - Featuring Lightning McQueen and friends.
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  23. Disney Cars World party napkins for the dessert table and refreshments table set up.