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  • Singapore Door Delivery from $17.90. Local Courier Fees start from $4.50

Need something to impress your special one for your marriage proposal? Or something to express your love to your Valentine?

This is the place to find what you need!

Biggest collection of love balloons. Helium and delivery option available in Singapore. 

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  1. 18" Red Hearts Foil Balloon Bundle (5PC)
  2. Rose Gold Ring Balloon.
  3. Love Bear Airloonz with Red Heart Balloon Bouquet
  4. 40in Love Script Balloon (Airfilled)
  5. Jumbo large shaped balloon in the design of a rose gold wedding ring. Great for wedding or proposal.
  6. Golden Ring Balloon.
  7. Sold Out
  8. 18" Glitter Gold Love Heart Balloon
  9. 18" To My Girlfriend Love Balloon
  10. Valentine's Bear Airloonz with Balloon Bouquet
  11. Sale
  12. Love Bear Balloon display for a Valentines's Day gift, Wedding Anniversary or a Surprise Proposal.
  13. 18" Mickey Minnie Love Balloon
  14. Sparkling Wedding Balloon Bouquet
  15. Navy Better Together Love Balloon Bouquet
  16. 35" Diamond Wedding Ring Balloon
    Sold Out
  17. 16" Valentine's Day Diamondz Balloon
  18. 18" All You Need is Love Balloon