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Sofia Party

Join Princess Sofia as picks up the skills and etiquette of a little princess.

Hold your next princess royal party with these Sofia the First party supplies and tableware and fill your party event with pretty sparkly and colorful banners.

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  1. Princess Sofia Balloon Bouquet
    Sold Out
  2. Lilac Paper Fan Decoration Set
  3. Sofia the First Puzzle Gift Set A perfect favour gift pack to mark the fun and interesting Birthday Party. Delight all your guests and friends and classmates with bag gift set
  4. Sofia the First Princess Birthday Party Decoration!
  5. Sofia the First Princess die cut shaped birthday banner for the special royal birthday party decoration.
  6. Sofia The First Princess table cover for the cake table decoration.
  7. Sofia the First Princess birthday supplies tableware for party napkins.
  8. Cofia Sticker Book.
  9. Sofia the First Princess party tattoos.
  10. Sofia the First drinking straws worked well with the party cups.
  11. Sofia pink party spoons to make the lovely cake taste even yummier!
  12. Sofia the First party forks for serving the desserts and the cake.
  13. Package 16 Cello bags. Each bag measures approximately 9" high x 4" wide.  Great for packing some favors for your guests' door gifts.
  14. Sofia the First Princess party treat bags to pack in the nicest party supplies, treats and goodies into them and distribute out to the invited guests.
  15. Sofia the First CK Napkins
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  16. Princess Sofia the First party cups for you to have your most delicious drinks the royal way.
  17. Sofia the First party plates now available at wholesale price without minimum purchase. Get yours now with the other party decoration stuffs.
  18. Sweet and cute Sofia the First party cone hats are placed nicely on the gift table for the arriving guest to put 1 on when they enter.
  19. Sofia the First Princess party face masks for everyone to have a really good time!
  20. Sofia the First Princess party game for everyone to be engaged and with loads of fun, and have a memorable time playing together.
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  21. Sofia the First Princess themed candles for birthday cake decoration.
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