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Up & Away Hot Air Balloon

This lovely Up, Up and Away design celebrates the arrival of the newborn baby in colourful style. One of the most loved and popular theme by excited new parents in hot air balloon style, the party decorations serves well to welcome the lovely addition.
Great for Baby 100 Days and Full Month Celebration too!

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  1. Announce the arrival of your newborn sweetheart with these adorable centerpiece sticks. These signs can be use to stick in a filled popcorn or candy jar or use them in flowers, vases
  2. Decorate your party with this pastel coloured Up & Away jointed banner   The lovely banner is strung on a pretty satin ribbon and measure 6 1/2 feet long.
  3. Hot Air Balloon Hanging 3-D Balloon.  One Hot Air Balloon Hanging 3-D Balloon measures 16 inches long and folds out to a 3 dimensional shape. Made of cardstock paper. A unique party decoration!