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Balloon Accessories

Balloon weights, Pumps, Ribbons, Sticks, Glue dots - all that you need to make your balloon decoration work.

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  1. 8GM Star Balloon Weight (1 PC)
  2. Balloon Hand Pump (1 PC)
  3. 8GM Balloon Weight Pastel Color (1 PC)
  4. Balloon Sticks & Cups
  5. Balloon Ribbon White
  6. Gold Balloon Curling ribbon roll.
  7. Balloon Hi Float liquid to increase the floating time of helium balloons by 4-10 times!
  8. Balloon Ribbon Silver
  9. Dark Blue Ribbon Roll.
  10. Balloon Ribbon Pink
  11. Balloon Ribbon Lilac
  12. Balloon Ribbon Purple
    Sold Out
  13. Balloon Ribbon Yellow
  14. Glitter Balloon Ribbon Rolls (6pc)
  15. Balloon Ribbon Black
  16. Balloon Ribbon Hot Pink
  17. Balloon Ribbon Light Blue
  18. Balloon Ribbon Light Green
  19. Balloon Ribbon Orange
  20. Balloon Ribbon Red
  21. Electric balloon pump really helps making balloon decoration much easier. Now inflating balloons is much faster and easier!