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Confetti Latex Balloons

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  1. colourful confetti filled in a clear latex balloons.
  2. Gold confetti balloon matches with most colour schemes. You can use them for almost any event's decoration.
  3. Rose Gold confetti balloons are so popular these days, they can be match with every other colour and be used for any event, be it birthday, bridal, anniversary or graduation.
  4. Silver confetti balloons.
  5. Blue confetti balloons with helium to enhance your party decoration.
  6. Light Blue confetti balloons for a special balloon decoration.
  7. Colourful star shaped confetti helium balloon.
  8. Red confetti balloons for party decor.
  9. Black and White and Gold coloured confetti filled helium balloon
  10. magic balloon latex balloons.
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  11. Green confetti balloons for birthday party decoration. From your favourite balloon store in Singapore.
  12. Pink and Blue confetti balloons!
  13. Purple confetti balloons for a great party set up.
  14. Hot Pink confetti balloons for a lovely bachelorette party is just perfect!
  15. Sweet pink confetti balloons just make the party decoration so marvellous!
  16. Black confetti helium balloons.