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Hats, Tiaras & Sashes

Range of sashes, tiaras, party hats & tutu skirts for the special party star, be it birthday, bride to be or 100 day baby. Great for photo shoot also.

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  1. Glitter Rose Gold Birthday Girl Sash (Rose Gold Wordings)
    Sold Out
  2. Purple mermaid style princess tiara for birthday girl.
  3. Glitter Pink Birthday Girl Sash (Iridescent Wordings)
  4. Lovely princess tiara with purple glitter and star fish
  5. Gold Lilac Jewelled Tiara with star fish
  6. Glitter Gold Birthday Queen Sash with Black Wordings
  7. Glitter Rose Gold Birthday Girl Sash (Iridescent Wordings)
    Sold Out
  8. Gold Purple Mermaid Themed Princess Party Tiara
  9. Sold Out
  10. Sold Out
  11. Rose Gold glittery sash for the 21st birthday girl.
  12. Unicorn Birthday Girl Sash (Pink)
  13. Rose Gold Diamanté Tiara Crown
  14. Pink Birthday Girl sash coupled with a birthday princess tiara.
  15. Glitter Rose Gold Birthday Queen Sash (Cursive Wordings)
    Sold Out
  16. Silver Glitter Diamanté Tiara Crown
  17. Cool Sash with golden words for the Birthday King.
    Sold Out
  18. Sold Out
  19. Glitter Rose Gold Birthday Queen Sash (Iridescent Wordings)
  20. Hot Pink Sash with shiny gold words Dress up the Birthday girl like a princess with a shiny sash, Everyone will have their attention on the lovely princess.
    Sold Out
  21. Blue Birthday King Sash with stylish silver shimmering words.
    Sold Out
  22. Black Birthday King Sash with silver glittery words.
    Sold Out
  23. Bachelorette Party, Hen Party
  24. Sold Out