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Shimmer & Shine Party

Shimmer & Shine Party supplies are here. Setup your birthday party in this magnificent theme, in strong pink and blue style. What's more get them at great prices and discounts.

Everyone loves a magical party!

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  1. Sale
  2. Lilac Paper Fan Decoration Set
  3. Shimmer & Shine Party Fork.
  4. Shimmer & Shine Party Cone Hats
  5. Shimmer & Shine Party Plates
  6. Shimmer & Shine paper party cups for a great birthday party and celebration.
  7. Shimmer & Shine Napkins
  8. Shimmer & Shine for everyone to play with at the great birthday celebration for the twin girls!
  9. Shimmer & Shine party backdrop with photo props. The kids loved it!
  10. Shimmer & Shine party tiara for the special birthday clebration.
  11. Shimmer & Shine souvenir cups are so durable and functional. We used it as Janice's personal drinking cup after we took back from the party.
  12. Shimmer & Shine Poster Banner
  13. Shimmer & Shine flag banner to enhance your birthday party atmosphere tremendously.
  14. Shimmer & Shine Spoon 6pc
  15. Shimmer & Shine pink forks for. the dessert table and cake serving.
  16. Shimmer & Shine Party treat Bags comes in 10 pieces in a pack.