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Graduation Balloons

Graduation flowers are too common! We have the biggest collection of graduation balloons that you can get for your friend's or loved ones' convocation. With all the childcare, Primary and Secondary Schools Junior Colleges, Polytechnics, ITEs, NTU, NUS and SMU graduation coming up, are you wondering what to buy for the graduate? Get all your Graduation Gift Helium Balloons now and have them delivered to your graduate, it's just a few clicks away.

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  1. 18" Congrats Grad Tassel Balloon
  2. Sale
  3. 17" Congrats Grad Shiny Gold Balloon
  4. 17" Congrats Grad Rainbow Balloon
  5. 29" Chalkboard Grad Hat Write On Graduation Balloon
  6. You did it! Grad Graduation Balloon Bouquet
    Sold Out
  7. 51" Congrats to You Grad Airloonz Balloon
  8. 17" Congrats Graduate Black Balloon
  9. 18" Shooting Stars Graduation Balloon
  10. 24" Personalised Name Congrats Grad Confetti Bubble Balloon
  11. Graduation Bubble & Latex Balloon Bouquet
  12. Star Foil & Latex Graduation Balloons Bouquet
    Sold Out
  13. 41" Congrats Grad Rainbow Balloon giving the hopeful outlook to the new graduate. Celebrate new life and new hope!
  14. jumbo Balloon with a customised message to wish a loud congratulations to the graduate. You Did It!
  15. Sold Out
  16. 35" Congrats Grad Star Cluster Balloon
  17. 34" World Is Waiting Grad Balloon
  18. 17" Congrats Grad Ribbed Lines Balloon
  19. 16" Congrats Orbz Balloon
  20. 15" Cubez Grad Hat Graduation Balloon
  21. 18" Confetti Congrats Grad Graduation Balloon