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Wedding Balloons

Want a different feel for your wedding reception or engagement party or solemnisation event instead of using just flowers? Check out some of these wedding balloons, you will get some inspiration for your big day.

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  1. 18" Red Hearts Foil Balloon Bundle (5PC)
  2. Rose Gold Ring Balloon.
  3. Love Bear Airloonz with Red Heart Balloon Bouquet
  4. 31" Just Married Wedding Car Balloon
    Sold Out
  5. 44" Silver Butterfly Wedding Balloon
  6. Customised bubble balloon to celebrate the communion of a lovely newly wed couple.
  7. 40in Love Script Balloon (Airfilled)
  8. Jumbo large shaped balloon in the design of a rose gold wedding ring. Great for wedding or proposal.
  9. Sold Out
  10. Golden Ring Balloon.
  11. Valentine's Bear Airloonz with Balloon Bouquet
  12. 18" Best Wishes Wedding Couple Balloon
  13. 18" On Your Wedding Balloon
  14. 18" Sweet Cake Wedding Balloon
  15. 18" Heart Bridal Gown Wedding Balloon
  16. 18" Groom Tuxedo Wedding Balloon
  17. 18" Congratulations On Your Wedding Day Balloon
  18. 18" On Your Wedding Day Balloon
  19. 18" Wedding Wishes Gold & Silver Balloon
  20. 12" Mr & Mrs Latex Balloons (2PC)
    Sold Out
  21. 25in Chalkboard Best Wishes Wedding Balloon