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birthday party

COVID-19 Party Planning Tips: Ensuring Safety and Fun

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes to our daily lives, including how we celebrate special occasions like birthday parties for our children. While the pandemic has introduced new challenges to party planning, it is still possible to create a safe and memorable event for your child's special day with some adaptability, creativity, and thoughtfulness.

Join us as we explore the various considerations and strategies required to host a memorable kids' party amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. By embracing new approaches and prioritising safety, we can continue to cherish and celebrate life's milestones while maintaining the health and well-being of our loved ones.

Adopting Stringent Hygiene Measures for a Safe Party

  1. Frequent hand sanitisation: Ensure hand sanitiser stations are placed at strategic points, such as at the entrance, dining area, and activity stations, to encourage proper hand hygiene among guests.
  2. Face masks and personal protective equipment: Provide disposable face masks and encourage guests to wear them as a protective measure. Consider themed masks that add a festive touch while promoting safety.
  3. Regular cleaning and disinfection: Intensify cleaning and disinfection efforts, especially on high-touch surfaces like door handles, tables, and chairs. Hire professional cleaning services or dedicate time to clean and sanitise throughout the event.

Managing Guests for a Controlled and Responsible Celebration

  1. Limit guest numbers: Adhere to local guidelines and restrictions on gathering sizes, and consider reducing the guest list to a smaller, more manageable size, ensuring effective crowd control and social distancing.
  2. Focus on close friends and family: Invite only close friends and immediate family members, prioritising those with whom your child shares a stronger bond, to create a more intimate and risk-minimising celebration.
  3. Use technology for remote interactions: Set up video calls or live streams to involve those who cannot attend in person, allowing them to virtually participate in the party and interact with the birthday child.

Venue Choices and Spatial Arrangements for Safer Celebrations

  1. Opt for outdoor settings: Where possible, choose outdoor locations like gardens or parks, which facilitate better airflow and reduce the risk of virus transmission in comparison to confined indoor spaces.
  2. Social distancing measures: Arrange seating and activity stations with sufficient space between them to comply with social distancing guidelines. Use visual markers to remind guests about maintaining a safe distance.
  3. Staggered celebration schedules: Consider organising several smaller gatherings at different times to accommodate all guests while maintaining a safe guest limit and minimising overcrowding.

Creative Alternatives for Traditional Party Elements during COVID-19

  1. Contactless games and activities: Plan games and activities that can be enjoyed without direct physical contact, such as scavenger hunts, virtual quizzes, or individual craft stations with necessary supplies pre-packed for each guest.
  2. Pre-packaged snacks and meals: Instead of a buffet-style meal, provide guests with pre-packaged snack boxes and drinks. Personalise meal packages according to the party theme, and ensure their content adheres to safety guidelines.
  3. Re-imagining party favours: Opt for non-edible party favours like customised hand sanitisers, themed face masks, or activity kits that can be used at home. This limits contact with shared items while maintaining a sense of festivity.


While the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly altered the way we celebrate, creative and responsible planning can still result in an unforgettable experience for your child. By adopting safety measures and introducing innovative alternatives to traditional party elements, we can successfully host events that prioritise the health and well-being of our loved ones.

Kidz Party Store is here to help you organise a safe and enjoyable celebration for your child during these challenging times. As Singapore's number 1 party shop for customised balloons and party supplies, we offer the necessary products and expert knowledge to support your COVID-19 party planning efforts. Trust in our expertise as we guide you through planning a safe and exciting birthday party experience for your child amidst the pandemic.

Begin planning your child's special day with confidence and safety in mind. Explore Kidz Party Store's range of customised balloons, party supplies, and expert advice for an unforgettable celebration during COVID-19. Visit our store today and embark on your journey to safe and memorable party planning.

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