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  • Singapore Door Delivery from $17.90. Local Courier Fees start from $4.50

Buy Balloons in Singapore

Are you looking for helium balloons in Singapore? Kidz Party Store offers high quality balloons in great variety of styles, designs and colours for you to choose from. Our catalogue sells balloons across 64 party themes. We offer the option for door delivery in Singapore or self collection in our store. With more than 13 years in the party business, Kidz Party Store is your number 1 reliable choice for your helium balloons and party needs.

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  1. 12" White Colored Latex Balloon
  2. Star balloon with personalised message printed on it and matched up with lovely and colour helium balloons.
  3. 12" Dark Blue Colored Latex Balloon
  4. Mini 16" Gold Number Balloons (Airfilled)
  5. 12" Red Colored Latex Balloon
  6. 12" Azure Colored Latex Balloon
  7. 12" Chrome Gold Latex Balloon
  8. Rose Gold letter balloons.
  9. 12" Yellow Colored Latex Balloon