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Using balloons to create fun fruit shapes to decorate for the birthday party.

Some Simple DIY Balloon Ideas

Some party decoration ideas to make your birthday party more interesting and memorable. Make those fun to do balloon activities and create those instagrammable moments with your friends and family.
All parties need balloons, especially children's party. But how can we use balloons to decorate our parties? Perhaps we can share some ideas to see what can be done to make our balloons more attractive.
Balloon Fruits
It's a brilliant idea to use balloons in different colours, inflating them in different sizes and tie them into the shapes of fruits. Some simple cutouts to make the leaves to make look them even real. Simple efforts but great effect. Tie them into garlands, hanging deco or tabletop display, it's all up to you.
Party Decoration ideas using balloons to form fruits or the shapes of other items.

Check Oh Happy Day to know how to do them.

Metallic jumbo number balloons can be commonly found. Widely used to display the age of the birthday boy or girl. Add a few latex balloons and viola, you have a nice jumbo centerpiece for the party. The size of these balloons makes it so prominent that no one should miss them.
Jumbo Numbers are great for displaying the birthday age or anniversary for to welcome the new year or even define the graduatiing class.

Balloon Garland
Inflate balloons and twist them to deform into different odd shapes and hang them as a garland is really something special to have. Not only does this display the colours you want for your party, the sight of so many balloons hanging around is just too exciting for anyone.
Photo by Harvest Breeding

Balloon Flowers
Tie a few 12" latex balloons together with the smaller 5" ones and you can easily form a balloon flower decoration. Inflate the 12" with helium to achieve the floating flowers effects and you can display it around tying the end of the ribbon to chairs or little weights. You can also inflate the balloons with air and tie them to pillars or hanging them down from door ceilings. A common way to impress your guests.
Flower sculpture balloons for your party decorations.
Ice Cream Cone Balloons
Here is another idea for you to display your artwork skills and creativity. Get some kraft paper or nice wrapping paper into triangles, roll them and fix them to the end of floating helium balloons, you'll start to have people coming to your party asking for ice-cream. Get your different colours for different ice cream flavours.
Forming balloons in shapes of ice cream cones using latex balloons and coloured paper.
This is real fun. Especially fantastic if we can get some "cool" in a hot Singapore weather. Get some big balloons filled with water and tie them up for your next party entertainment program. When you run out of idea which pinata shapes you want to have this is something you can try. Low cost but great fun.
Using the colourful latex balloons, we can make water balloons or balloon pinatas for the party activity.

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