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Party planning can be fun. Just make sure you have a wide range of party supplies ready!

Essential Party Supplies: a celebration to remember

If you’re thinking of hosting an epic party for a special friend or family member, then you’re going to need the most essential party supplies we have at Kidz Party Store to make it a celebration to remember. 

If you’re thinking of hosting an epic party for a special friend or family member, then you’re going to need the most essential party supplies on the market to make it a celebration to remember. 

Cheap Birthday Party Banner Supplies in Singapore

There is no doubt that food, drinks, and entertainment are the main priorities of a party. But that is only the beginning. What makes a celebration worthwhile and memorable is its atmosphere? Of course, a great DJ and delicious tasting food will create some memorable moments, however, a steam-filled room with epic lighting and decorations will take your party skills to the next level.


Let’s look at some of the essential party supplies that you’re going to need to make your party a celebration to remember.


Essential Party Supplies: Decorations

A party isn’t a party until you have a great collection of balloons. There is a whole range to choose from:

  • Helium
  • Air-Filled
  • Animal
  • Latex
  • Foil


Table Confetti

Although not only for use on tables, but table confetti is also one party supply that you can’t go without. No one wants a boring white tablecloth to sit down to.

Spice up your evening with some sparkling table confetti that adds a touch of colour and magic to your festivities. It comes in all shapes and sizes so if you wanted to go for a more elegant touch, you can, but also if you wanted to make a statement, that can be achieved too.

Its popularity arises from its versatility - you can use it in any way that you want. Fancy filling up your balloons with confetti, have them on the floors as an entryway, or provide a pop of colour for your evening meal – they can be used in any way that you want.



A decorative braid typically constructed with bright coloured flowers that can either hang over your head and be worn as a necklace, hang from the ceilings to make the walls more appealing or have as a wreath on the front door. You can consider a balloon garland for more remarkable effects.

Balloon Garland for Party Decoration


Other popular supplies include:


Essential Party Supplies: For Eating and Drinking


Eating can be incredibly messy. Depending on your guests - younger or older – you may need napkins. You can use them whilst you’re all sitting down and eating a meal, or have them put a slice of cake on for each guest.


Plates, Cups and Cutlery

One of the first things you’re going to think about when hosting a party is what guests will eat and drink. You can order all the beverages that you can think of, but what you must make sure you do order, is cups, plates and cutlery.

They are often items that we forget about. However, your guests won’t be able to eat or drink without them.


Table Cloth

No one wants a bland table that has coffee stains marked on the surface. Or some plastic tables that just look slightly aged. Invest in some nice tablecloths to make your furniture looks aesthetic.

Lovely table cover for party decoration at the cake table.












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