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Great party decoration ideas for kids.

Decoration Ideas for a Kid’s Celebration Party

Some great ideas for you to decorate kids party with some cost savings and effective methods. 

We all want our kids to have a blast at their celebratory events. Whether it be a birthday, end-of-school party, or a national holiday – the key to a great party is a great setting. 

At times, we get too caught up in the entertainment, food and various other things that go into a great party, but what tends to get left behind is decorations. Most likely because they seem to be a ‘one-time’ thing and get thrown away the next day, many of us don’t want to spend a fortune on decorating.

The good thing is you don’t have to. You can decorate your children’s party in any way that you want without breaking the bank.



One of the easiest ways to make sure your celebration is a great success is through helium or air-filled balloons.

For children’s parties, helium balloons with creative animals, shapes and sizes always go down a treat. What child doesn’t want to enter a tropical forest-themed party with balloon trees and flying balloon birds?

Air-filled balloons also go a long way. Imagine blowing up hundreds of balloons and instead of having a ball pit, your children can run around in a balloon pit trying to pop as many as they can. 

As an additional celebratory tactic, you could fill your balloons with confetti, so that they explode with sparkles and rain down glittery stars onto the floor.

Confetti Balloons


Use The Outdoors

Luckily for you, children aren’t too fussed about what the place looks like. They want to be transported into a ‘different world’, however, they simply just want to run around with their friends.

Balloons are great for any party

Whilst it isn’t a particular party supply, using nature and the outdoor scenery to your advantage gets children excited about the day.



If you want to brighten up your venue, definitely have a look at some flower arrangements. Not only will they help to keep the place smelling fresh, but they will also brighten up your venue with spectacular colours that shine.

You’ll want to be slightly wary of the number of flowers that you purchase, as they can become quite pricey, but placed in the right areas you’ll be proud of what you’ve created.



One of the most beautiful, aesthetic arrangements that you will want to add to your children’s party, is a garland. This beautiful arrangement of balloons strung together can be hung on pretty much any surface, making the walls of the venue look much more appealing.

Balloon Garland in the Galaxy

The trick with children is colour. String together different colours, or if you want to get inventive, cupcake cases, to create wall art or even an entryway into your venue.

Jungle Animals Balloon Garlands


Fairy Lights

Like we’ve said throughout this guide, the trick to a great party for children is colour. What could be better than turning all the main lights off and using sparkling and flickering fairy lights to add a bit of magic to their special celebration?

 Bride to be hen party filled with lovely balloons and fairy lights.

Place them on the walls, around the tables and even on the ceiling to create some epic effects.


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