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Gender Reveal Party: What do I need?

Gender Reveal Party: What do I need?

Gender Reveal Essentials

What you need to make a great gender reveal party both exciting and memorable?

Get the pop balloons and banner for decoration!

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting times of our lives. Whilst knowing that you’re bringing a new life into this world and get to care for them their whole lives, one of the most exciting parts that every parent looks forward to is knowing the gender.

What you need for a Gender Reveal Party.


Gender reveal parties are increasing in popularity around the world. They are becoming more and more extreme, starting with balloons popping with blue or pink confetti to aeroplanes spraying coloured water over a crowd. 

When it comes to your gender reveal party, you’ll want to get it right. Don’t leave anything to chance and have everything you need to celebrate the new life that you’re bringing into the world.


Balloon Ideas


Most Popular Gender Reveal Balloon and Best price in Singapore.


Confetti Balloons

The most popular option at a gender reveal party includes a confetti balloon. Their popularity comes from their ease to create, but also the exploding fun that they bring.


Gender Reveal Balloon Essential Know-how.


Simply fill up your balloon with either blue or pink for your baby’s gender and then blow it up. When it comes time to reveal the gender, either partner can choose to pop the balloon to reveal gender.


Secret Box 

Filling up a box with small helium balloons that are either blue or pink can make any gender reveal party one to remember. When the climax of the party begins, lift the lid of the box and release all the helium-filled, coloured balloons into the air.


Balloon Drop 

Like the secret box, but upside down.

Hang a box filled with the baby’s gender-specific, coloured balloons. Make sure that they are air-filled balloons. When you’re ready, tie the box to the ceiling and then release them all. The pink or blue balloons will all fall to the floor giving a great effect.


What do I need to do?

So, you’ve chosen how you’re going to reveal the gender of your baby. However, you need to first find out what it is before you or your friends go fill up the balloons.


Here are some steps to do:

  • Book an ultrasound to find out the gender – this typically occurs at the 18–20-week stage of the pregnancy. You should also be aware that doctors can’t always be able to tell the gender and in some instances, have even got it wrong.

  • Create invitations for guests and set a date that you want the party – remember that people need to be able to book a holiday from work to make it. You’ll want to give them plenty of notice

  • Think about your aesthetic and décor – do you want a theme?

  • Create some activities to do – you can’t just turn up, pop a balloon, and go home. You’ll need to make it a proper party with fun activities to create a build-up before the climax of the party.

Gender Reveal Party with balloons and banner!



Make your gender reveal party one to remember. With popular balloon popping or secret box releasing, you can add a touch of mystery and magic to your special day.

If you need a friend or trusted family member to take on the planning because you don’t want to ruin the gender for yourselves, you can do that too. By using this guide, you’ll have the best gender reveal party with everything you need.

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