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  1. Barbue Doll helium balloons.
  2. Barbie & Friends Party Cups!
  3. Barbie & Friends Party Napkins
  4. Barbie & Friends party plates
  5. Barbie & Friends Table Cover
  6. Hot pink, Black and White Barbie Doll themed birthday party decoration!
  7. Barbie Doll Birthday Party Kit for the sweet princess decoration setup.
  8. Barbie Cone Hats (6pc)
  9. Barbie Doll Flag Banner
  10. Barbie dol birthday party cups.
  11. Barbie Doll Party Napkins
  12. Barbie Doll theme party plates.
  13. Barbie Doll themed pinkish party pinata
  14. Barbie Doll Plastic Forks 6pc
  15. Barbie Doll themed party spoons for the desserts serving.
  16. Barbie Doll party table cover decoration kit.
  17. Barbie Doll Party Treat Bags for the party favours.
  18. Barbie Doll themed Birthday Backdrop Banner.
  19. Barbie Fashion Fabric Backdrop Banner
  20. Barbie Doll Party Tattoo are so fun to play with . Great stuff to put for the party goodie bags.
  21. Glitter Pink Birthday Girl Sash (Iridescent Wordings)
  22. Sale